Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Parks Maintenance Sales Tax Initiative Renewal

Isn't this great? Blue skies, fresh cut grass, birds chirping. I love this golf stuff.

No.18 3/31/2021

The turf is greening up and it is beginning to look like golfing season. As always we are excited to provide our golfers with quality playing conditions all year long. Our greens are still in the healing process from our spring aerification which we completed on March 22nd this year. 

In 2017 Blue Springs voters passed a sales tax initiative that raised the sales tax one-half percent for five years, which equates to 25 cents for every $50 spent inside the city. A portion of these tax dollars were allocated for use by the golf course. The new roofing on the clubhouse, cart path and bunkers were made possible as a result of the residents of Blue Springs passing the tax initiative. Tuesday, April 6th, there is vote to renew this tax plan. Adams Pointe has already and will continue to benefit tremendously if it passes again. The other portion of these tax dollars, listed in the pamphlet below, go towards parks, trails and other public use facilities around the city of Blue Springs.  

Friday, February 26, 2021

Drainage Issues

The course is finally thawing out from the roughly 6 inches of snow we saw in the month of February. The snow would start to melt during the day and then refreeze overnight making it easy to see some of our drainage issues that we have around the course. The design of Adams Pointe is such that a large amount of water runs into drain boxes located in the fairway. No drainage system is perfect and over time new low areas show up holding water that never makes it to a drain box. Our wonderful compacted clay based soil also has trouble moving heavy rains down through its profile. Over the years the maintenance staff has added drainage pipes into some of these low, trouble spots that hold water. We have recently dug into some of these spots to find that our drain lines have been damaged. Some have been crushed and some have been accidentally punctured during aerification. Hundreds of feet of trenches have been cleaned out and new perforated drain pipe has been installed on holes #9 and #14. 

broken drain pipe #14

broken drain pipe #9

broken drain pipe #9

new pipe in cleaned out trench

*Adams Pointe will be closed Monday, March 22nd for spring aerification*

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Where's the Groundhog?

Maintenance work on a golf course can often be very repetitive. This is especially true for the winter months. December, January and February consist of a lot of the same work from year to year. When the weather allows us to get outside we trim/cut down trees and brush, work on drainage and irrigation issues and other projects that get pushed to the side during the busy growing season. When the weather isn't so pleasant outside we'll work on things around the shop. Painting ball washers and traffic signs, cleaning trashcans and tidying things up as we wait for spring to arrive. 

The purpose of this blog is to keep all of you updated on what is going on around the course. To keep it from also being repetitive we like to focus on projects that aren't so repetitive, boring if you will. This last month at Adams Pointe was fairly cold and quite wet. Snow/rain events were spaced out just enough so that the course was closed due to it being too wet or completely coved in snow for a majority of the month. The weather was also not conducive for us to accomplish any noteworthy projects. 

Speaking of repetitive, how about those CHIEFS? A close friend of mine writes a blog on Fansided. If you are a chiefs fan and interested in a good read, please check it out here

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Closing Out 2020

Golf in December? Sure, why not. This December We had 13 days over 50 degrees and a few even made it into the 60's. The nice weather gave the maintenance crew a chance to knock out a few of our bigger tree projects. A maple tree by the sidewalk, coming from the clubhouse leading up to the Marriott hotel and our driving range, had some dead and decaying limbs that were becoming a safety hazard. We want to try to preserve this tree so these limbs have been removed and the rest of the tree has been thinned out. The large oak in the rough on the left side of #14 has been completely removed. We replaced the large oak tree with a maple tree as it is in play and we feel this tree location is important in framing out the fairway.


Tree by clubhouse before

After trimming off decaying limbs 

#14 tree removal 

2020 was an unusual year but for Adams Pointe, and the golf course industry as a whole, it was a good year. It was actually a well above average year as we saw over 40,000 rounds of golf played. We would like to take the time to thank all of the golf course staff, our golfers and members and anyone else who has helped make this year one to remember. Happy New Year and see you all in 2021.    

Monday, November 30, 2020

'Tis the Season(2020 Edition)

What can you say about the fall of 2020? If you are a golfer it has probably been one of the best fall seasons in quite some time. Many people think fall is the best time for golf. Tee shots roll out as the fairways harden up, the rough is easier to swing through as the grass is going dormant and no more sweating out 90 degree days. This fall mother nature has been fairly kind to us here at Adams Pointe. Temperatures have been above average for the most part. The average high for the month of October was 63 degrees, perfect golfing weather. We also had 8 days during October of 80+ degrees and 8 days in November where temperatures reached 70+ degrees and only a handful of frost delays so far. Thank you bonus golf!

As fall comes to an end the course has been over-seeded and fertilized. Fertilization in the fall is critical as the turf needs nutrients through its winter dormancy stage. Seeding during the fall is like doubling down and ensuring that when spring comes around you will be off to a good start with your cool season grasses.

Unfortunately, as December is upon us, it looks like old man winter is settling in. 

Winter time allows the maintenance crew to get some of the projects that had to be put on the back burner during the golfing season. This year a number of trees will be removed and/or trimmed back. This will be done for playability issues, safety concerns and to improve turf health in areas where trees have become overgrown. We will also be planting a few new trees around the course. Specifically #'s 18 and 14. These holes both have a couple trees that are in play and also help frame the layout of the hole. Unfortunately, these trees have become unhealthy and will need to be removed. 

Parking lot pond bank before

Pond bank after

Landscaping beds around the clubhouse and parking lot are currently in the process of a major overhaul. Weeds, mulch and old overgrown shrubs have been removed and replaced with rock. We are doing the same rock work around all of the tee signs on the course as well. We feel this style of rock landscaping will require less maintenance for us and still be aesthetically pleasing for golfers and guest visiting the clubhouse. 
Tee sign flower beds before
Weeds have been removed and a weed barrier is laid
to help prevent new weed infiltration 

Finished tee sign 

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Fall Update

Has this year been a little different? Yes it has. We have all been tested and we have all probably made some changes. Adams Pointe has made some changes as well.

New bunkers, check

New cart paths, check 

Next on the list is a project we have been working on over time for the last year. Overgrown bushes have been removed from landscaping beds around the clubhouse. Mulch is being replaced with rock in these beds. We are also incorporating rock around our tee signs on the course. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Why is #6 Path Only

We wrote on the topic of heat stress and turf damage due to cart traffic back in July of 2018. Feel free to scroll down and reread that post if you would like but I will briefly touch on this topic again. This year we decided to experiment with keeping #6 cart path only during the summer months. Obviously, we realize this is a minor inconvenience for some golfers as we received many questions and complaints as to why we did this. The job of the maintenance crew, first and foremost, is to maintain the health of the turf and provide the best playing conditions possible for our golfers.

#6 is our most temperamental hole here at Adams Pointe. The topography of this hole presents many challenges with drainage being one of the biggest. The high hills dry out very quickly while the low swells stay wet longer than they should. Add in poor, high clay soil, little air movement caused by the thick woods surrounding the entire hole, this hole has the potential to get away from us very quickly. The goal of keeping carts on the path is to reduce compaction leading to even more stress on the turf during the summer months when the heat is already pushing the cool season bent grass to its limits. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, we saw a huge difference in turf health in the fairway. We observed a thicker stand of grass and less weed infiltration this year as a result. We will continue to keep carts on the path on #6 during the summer months in an attempt to keep the turf thick, healthy and playable. 

Past years of #6 during summer with visible damage caused by cart traffic

#6 as of 9/28/2020 after summer with carts being path only