Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Parks Maintenance Sales Tax Initiative Renewal

Isn't this great? Blue skies, fresh cut grass, birds chirping. I love this golf stuff.

No.18 3/31/2021

The turf is greening up and it is beginning to look like golfing season. As always we are excited to provide our golfers with quality playing conditions all year long. Our greens are still in the healing process from our spring aerification which we completed on March 22nd this year. 

In 2017 Blue Springs voters passed a sales tax initiative that raised the sales tax one-half percent for five years, which equates to 25 cents for every $50 spent inside the city. A portion of these tax dollars were allocated for use by the golf course. The new roofing on the clubhouse, cart path and bunkers were made possible as a result of the residents of Blue Springs passing the tax initiative. Tuesday, April 6th, there is vote to renew this tax plan. Adams Pointe has already and will continue to benefit tremendously if it passes again. The other portion of these tax dollars, listed in the pamphlet below, go towards parks, trails and other public use facilities around the city of Blue Springs.