Wednesday, July 31, 2019

It's a Sod, Sod Day

If you have been around the Kansas City area golf courses this year I'm sure you have noticed zoysia grass had a tough winter. Too wet and cold was the major issue for many local courses and Adams Pointe was not any different other then we were limited to only some tee surfaces.  Most of the month of July was spent cutting up and sodding our tee boxes that didn't come in this spring. The sod farm that supplies us with our zoysia has been too wet to cut sod until just a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, we no longer have a zoysia nursery of our own on the property. In order to get the course playable as soon as possible, we took sod off of some of our lesser used gold tee boxes. This sod was then laid on some of the white, blue and green tee boxes that are used more often.  Sod was finally delivered this week for us to repair those tees that we had  harvested from for earlier repairs.