Friday, December 1, 2017

Bunker Project Update

Before and after view of No. 14 bunker.
If you missed our last post, we covered the specifics of this winter's bunker renovation project. After about a month of work, dramatic changes are starting to take shape on the course. As of this writing, work has been completed on holes 11 through 14. Although sand is in place, and they may look playable, we ask all golfers to follow the signage on the course to allow all new sod a chance to establish. This week, work continues on holes 10 and 16. Below are a few before-and-after pictures from our completed holes.
Before and after view of No. 11 from 100 yards out.
Before and after view of removed bunker No. 11.
Before and after view of No. 12 from the blue tee.
Before and after view of the removed bunker on No. 13.
Before and after view of No. 13 west bunker.
Before and after of No. 14 bunker.
Last month, we highlighted the plans for the bunkers on holes 11 through 14. Today, we will be highlighting the plans for holes 10,15,16,17 and 18. As with any large project, plans are subject to change for a variety of reasons.

Design plan for No. 15 fairway bunker.
Design plan for No. 15 green bunker.
Work has almost been completed on No. 15. Sand still needs to be added to the green-side bunker, and some cleanup work needs to take place, but the heavy construction on that hole is finished. Neither bunker was changed dramatically, with slight shape changes taking place. The green-side bunker was also reduced in size.
Design plan for No. 16 fairway.
Design plan for No. 16 green complex.
Construction on No. 16 has also progressed quickly. One fairway bunker has been removed, a new one has been added, and the left green-side bunker needs a little more sod to be completed. The right green-side bunker has been cleaned out and reshaped, and work will continue there this week.

Design plan for No. 10 green.
Design plan for No. 10 green complex.
Number 10 has quite a few changes in store, as well. The fairway bunker is being reshaped, with new gravel, drainage, and sand. The green complex will see the front bunker reshaped and moved further in front of the green. The back bunker will be removed entirely with a lot of shaping to match the current contours.

Design plan for No. 17 green complex.
One of the more substantial hole changes will be taking place on No. 17. All the bunkers on that hole will be reshaped, and most will be moved to make them more visible from the tee. Moving these bunkers to their new locations also makes more sense from a playability standpoint. The back left bunker in its current location is basically wasted, with very few shots ever finding it. In its new position, we are confident more tee shots will find this area, making for a more challenging shot in.

Design plan for No. 18 green complex.
No. 18 will also undergo one of the more dramatic transitions on the course. The first thing you'll probably notice is the bunker behind the green is being removed. Not only does this area rarely see approach shots, it is also a maintenance nightmare, leaving little room to mow or spray the green. In its new design, maintenance on No. 18 green should be much easier to perform. In addition to removing the back bunker, the east bunker will be reshaped and slightly moved to make it more visible from the fairway and put it in a better location from a playability standpoint. A second green-side bunker is planned to be added to the west side of the green. These changes will make for a more challenging and more aesthetic finishing hole.

We appreciate your patience during this hectic time on the golf course and encourage you to continue following all signage on the course. Check back in next month to see before-and-after pictures from the holes we've highlighted today and to see our plans for the front nine.