Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January Bunker Project Update

No. 18 green complex before and during construction.
In our last post, we highlighted changes to holes No. 11 through No. 14, and discussed upcoming plans for holes No. 10, 15, 16, 17, and 18. In this month's post we will be reviewing the work that has finished since our last post, as well as discuss plans moving forward from here. Due to challenging weather conditions and the holiday season, we will not be getting in to plans for the front nine in this month's post. Be sure to check back in towards the end of the month for updates on those plans and more.

No. 15 fairway bunker before and after.
A lot of work has taken place since you last heard from us. Sand was added to the two bunkers on No. 15, and short of seeding haul roads all major work on that hole is finished. The fairway bunker was reshaped, allowing better visibility off the tee, and the green side bunker was reduced in size and reshaped for improved playability.

Sod ready to be laid on No. 16 old fairway bunker.
No. 16 fairway bunker before and after.
Looking back towards No. 16 from the new fairway bunker.
All major construction has finished on No. 16 as well. With one fairway bunker removed, and a smaller one added in a new location, this tee shot has become much more challenging. Reshaping of the green side bunkers has also been completed, making these bunkers more visible from the landing area.

No. 17 before and after.
No. 17 green complex before and after.
No. 17 has gone through one of the more dramatic changes on the course. The green complex still has four bunkers but all have been reshaped and three of the four have been moved to make them more visible from the teeing area. A bentgrass bail out area has been added behind the green to prevent punishment of good tee shots.

Removing the rock wall on No. 18 green. 

One of the most visible changes on the course is happening on No. 18. The bunker behind the green is being removed, with a rock wall to the edge of the pond, and sod on a gentle slope down to the water. The bunker on the right of the green is being reshaped, and shifted further to the front of the green. A second bunker is being added to the left front of the green, making for a much more demanding approach shot. 

All bunkers in this project are being completely cleaned out, with four inches of new white sand being added. Old drainage is being inspected and replaced as needed. Almost all bunkers are undergoing a shape change with some being shifted from their current locations. After all earth work is finished, a layer of gravel is put down, and then locked in place with the Better Billy Bunker polymer spray. After a quality check of the polymer, we add sand to depth and replace any disturbed turf with sod. Below is a video of the polymer spray on No. 16 green side bunker.

Moving forward from here, we are going to finish adding sand to the bunkers on No. 10 to complete work on that hole. After that, we will head down to No. 18 and finish up the remaining work on that complex. After No. 18 is finished, basically all heavy construction will have been completed on the back nine. We will still need to seed haul roads, and a good deal of tree work still needs to take place, but focus will shift towards the front nine. Check back at the end of the month for progress updates and our plans for renovating the front nine bunkers.