Friday, February 26, 2021

Drainage Issues

The course is finally thawing out from the roughly 6 inches of snow we saw in the month of February. The snow would start to melt during the day and then refreeze overnight making it easy to see some of our drainage issues that we have around the course. The design of Adams Pointe is such that a large amount of water runs into drain boxes located in the fairway. No drainage system is perfect and over time new low areas show up holding water that never makes it to a drain box. Our wonderful compacted clay based soil also has trouble moving heavy rains down through its profile. Over the years the maintenance staff has added drainage pipes into some of these low, trouble spots that hold water. We have recently dug into some of these spots to find that our drain lines have been damaged. Some have been crushed and some have been accidentally punctured during aerification. Hundreds of feet of trenches have been cleaned out and new perforated drain pipe has been installed on holes #9 and #14. 

broken drain pipe #14

broken drain pipe #9

broken drain pipe #9

new pipe in cleaned out trench

*Adams Pointe will be closed Monday, March 22nd for spring aerification*