Friday, June 28, 2019

Don't Blink

Things can change quite quickly so don't blink, you just might miss something. In our post last month we mentioned that we had nearly a foot of rain for the month of May. A week later the soil was rock hard again and the greens were showing signs of summer heat stress. We have aerified the greens,as well as the fairways,  for better water infiltration and allow the soil to breathe.  "Venting" as it is some times referred to will be done a handful of times throughout the summer months.
Solid needle tine aerification

We have also laid sod on a handful of our zoysia grass tees. The width of #6 white tee was also expanded a few feet. This winter the plan is to make this tee substantially larger to help with foot traffic and compaction issues.
#6 white tee after bringing in soil 

#6 white tee with new sod