Sunday, September 3, 2017

Adams Pointe Photo Gallery

A perfect Adams Pointe sunrise on July 31, 2017.
This month, we're sharing some of our favorite 2017 pictures from around the property. Our maintenance crew is in a unique position to see the course at interesting hours of day and from uncommon vantage points. Capturing moments like these is definitely a perk to the job.

Crew dog Murray patrolling for geese after a rare snowfall in January.
Looking good shortly after spring aerification in March.
No.10 pond glistens in the late March sun.
A season of amazing sunrises started early and hasn't let up since.
Sunrise on No. 7 tee box.
Good looking finish down No. 18 in mid June.
It isn't all beautiful sunrises and green grass. Here's one of the clogged drains we fixed this year.
It's almost getting old isn't it?
Foggy start on No. 14 in July.
Clouds threaten No. 15 the morning of the solar eclipse. We were lucky to dodge them and have a clear viewing of totality.

Above is a timelapse from hole No. 12 taken in May. Stay tuned to the blog for upcoming posts about the animals around Adams Pointe, plans for fall projects, and information pertaining to the much anticipated bunker renovation.