Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Parks Maintenance Sales Tax Initiative

On April 4, residents of Blue Springs will have the opportunity to vote on a sales tax initiative to benefit city parks. The proposed initiative would increase Blue Springs’ sales tax by one-half cent, which equates to 25 cents for every $50 spent inside the city.

Estimated to generate approximately $15 million during a five-year periodthe tax would help address major concerns in the city’s parks and trails and would allow Adams Pointe to make important upgrades to its facilities. If passed, the tax is slated to address the following deterioration issues at Adams Pointe:
  • Replacement of clubhouse roof
  • Bunker repair and replacement
  • Main drive replacement
  • Cart path repair and replace

These improvements would allow Adams Pointe to continue offering quality recreational opportunities for the entire community while improving guest experience. 

Additional information can be found by visiting the City of Blue Springs website at

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