Monday, November 30, 2020

'Tis the Season(2020 Edition)

What can you say about the fall of 2020? If you are a golfer it has probably been one of the best fall seasons in quite some time. Many people think fall is the best time for golf. Tee shots roll out as the fairways harden up, the rough is easier to swing through as the grass is going dormant and no more sweating out 90 degree days. This fall mother nature has been fairly kind to us here at Adams Pointe. Temperatures have been above average for the most part. The average high for the month of October was 63 degrees, perfect golfing weather. We also had 8 days during October of 80+ degrees and 8 days in November where temperatures reached 70+ degrees and only a handful of frost delays so far. Thank you bonus golf!

As fall comes to an end the course has been over-seeded and fertilized. Fertilization in the fall is critical as the turf needs nutrients through its winter dormancy stage. Seeding during the fall is like doubling down and ensuring that when spring comes around you will be off to a good start with your cool season grasses.

Unfortunately, as December is upon us, it looks like old man winter is settling in. 

Winter time allows the maintenance crew to get some of the projects that had to be put on the back burner during the golfing season. This year a number of trees will be removed and/or trimmed back. This will be done for playability issues, safety concerns and to improve turf health in areas where trees have become overgrown. We will also be planting a few new trees around the course. Specifically #'s 18 and 14. These holes both have a couple trees that are in play and also help frame the layout of the hole. Unfortunately, these trees have become unhealthy and will need to be removed. 

Parking lot pond bank before

Pond bank after

Landscaping beds around the clubhouse and parking lot are currently in the process of a major overhaul. Weeds, mulch and old overgrown shrubs have been removed and replaced with rock. We are doing the same rock work around all of the tee signs on the course as well. We feel this style of rock landscaping will require less maintenance for us and still be aesthetically pleasing for golfers and guest visiting the clubhouse. 
Tee sign flower beds before
Weeds have been removed and a weed barrier is laid
to help prevent new weed infiltration 

Finished tee sign 

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